The Sacramento Backgammon Championship 

is endorsed by the USBGF and is an ABT Event

Tournament Conditions



  • USBGF Rules will apply
  • The tournament is by invitation only.   Any entry as a player or observer, may be refused with no reason given
  • No entrant may knowingly play below his or her skill level
  • Good sportsmanship is expected  of all players
  • This is a 'Legal Moves' tournament.  Any illegal play must be corrected if noticed by either player
  • Any player may request a ruling from the ruling advisor
  • Dice that rest unbalanced require a re-roll
  • Sharing one pair of dice is preferred
  • Byes and initial pairings are randomly assigned
  • Penalty Points may be applied when a player is late for the start of a match
  • Players must sign-out when leaving the tournament room
  • Only cash will be accepted at the tournament site including final registration
  • The venue is a smoke free facility
  • Cell phones must be in silent mode throughout the tournament
  • Pictures of positions are allowed, so long as it does not delay play.  In clocked games, the photographer's clock must be running while taking the picture
  • By registrating, that serves as the player's acknowledgment of these tournament conditions


Players are encouraged to bring their own board, clocks and scoreboard

California State Capitol, Sacramento